How Agents Get Real Estate Leads on Craigslist


Let’s take a look at how agents generate leads on Craigslist despite many changes. They follow a simple system for formatting and posting ads. To learn this system entirely, we will have to examine effective post formatting and abiding Craigslist’s terms of use, ad content, and posting frequency.

Craigslist Post Formatting

To generate real estate leads on Craigslist, agents routinely post ads marketing their listings for sale. Agents these days, don’t provide hyperlinks to drive traffic to their website, they instruct their users to text. For example, “For more information about this home please text (xxx)xxx-xxxx.” Once a prospective client texts the agent responds by texting back: “Please message me your email address so that I could forward you the detailed property description with photos.” Now the agent would be able to properly follow-up with the client’s mobile number and email address.

Craigslist Ad Content

Agents who develop real estate leads on Craigslist knows that an ad’s headline is crucial for gaining interest. Craigslist contains too many headlines that boasts of the property specifics like “address – number of bedrooms, bath and prices” that may not match the particular criteria that individual users are looking for in a home. Visitor’s attention could be gained by including location-specific content like “Meadowbrook Home for Sale”. The body of the post should contain some attractive photos of the home that makes people want to see more. Some of the basic property information should be provided to the visitors like the agent’s name, the call to action mentioned above inviting users to text for more details. Do not include a home’s price in the ad so that users are more likely to inquire for more information.

Posting Frequency

The visibility of Craigslist ads vary depending on the geographic location you post your ads. In large metropolitan cities ads may only be visible for 5 days, while in smaller towns they may show up for 50 days. The agents must should repost or renew their ads regularly to keep the ads visible. Although reposting ads can be time consuming, it can be done with unlimited frequency and the freedom to alter headline content. Don’t forget that generating real estate leads on Craigslist is purely a numbers game, frequent posts generate more leads. Craigslist allows agents to renew their ads 48 hours after the original post for up to 30 days. This method is often preferable since it can be accomplished with ease from a mobile phone. This system has proved to generate real estate leads on Craigslist, but only few leads amount to commission income without an effective lead follow-up system in place. It is essential that agents maintain a lead database management system to contact the prospective clients by telephone, mail and email over time.


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