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Welcome to Clrentalads

CLRentalADs is the one time solution for the optimum classified real estate ad posting services. The most excellent ad services will be available as per the requirements and demands put forth by our customers. We have gained a rich set of experience in real estate ad posting on craigslist and many other real estate portals which proves to be 100% unique and innovative.

Most evidently, we tend to send periodic reports in terms of days, weeks or months. This has proved to be the most effective way to gain our customer’s satisfaction and develop a good relationship. However, you must make a note that our company does not charge any amount for posting flagged ads or ghosted ads.

We offer the regular daily reports about the ad performance which prove to be an effective way to track the growth of the rentals, sales, buyer leads. You can analyze the status with the help of lead generation control panel. The panel displays the detailed information about the ad posts and their status.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of creative craigslist ad posting services with economical price tags. You will be astonished to hear that our prices are usually less than that of ads posted by the other competitive companies. As a matter of fact, we ensure that the majority of your chosen ad posts will tend to go live.

Our team manages your accounts by modifying texts and images of the posts in order to update your settings for clear analysis visibility.

We mainly focus on helping your business to grow effectively with profitable lead revenue generation. However, our ad posting strategies help you to develop sales & tenants, increase the number of clients, and popularize your real estate, apartment locating/finding company brand in the respective consumer society.

We plan the strategies in a well organized manner in order to increase your business revenue through hot valid daily leads with the help of our ad posts. You can confidently choose us for ad posting services and expect the improvements within 24 to 48 hours. Get in touch with CLRentalADs for ultimate benefits.

About Us

CLRentalADs has gained huge experience in properties and products ad posting and related services from many years. We proclaim to be the most excellent Craigslist ads posting services providing company in today’s competitive society. Our team of experienced professionals helps to achieve top results by implementing the recent efficient strategies and optimum solutions. Due to this, all your ads are posted successfully with a guarantee of increasing leads.

We mainly provide our services on Craigslist, backpage, zillow, trulia, hotpads, and many other popular real estate platforms to enhance your business. In fact, we have attracted a large number of clients from all over the USA. Additionally, we have worked on varieties of projects till now which is proved by the optimum services we offer.

We strictly follow your demands and instructions and make sure to achieve maximum results. Our strategies ensure to top your ad posts and make them popular among your audience. We will always try to achieve 100% efficiency in our ad posting services. You will be surprised to know that we almost reach 100% live ad postings with high ROI.

Our team performs the conceptualized ad writing and ad posting to best fit the client’s requirements. We are giving our best service to any level of customers small to large and help in elevating the business marketing and promotion. However, we are open to complete 24/7 services with the help of our dedicating and expert team of professionals. We are available to solve all your problems through any mode of communication such as phone, email, or Skype.

We have employed a highly responsible team who deliver the services with utmost care. As a result of the presence of hard working enthusiasts in our team, the company is expanding its wings to all possible extensions. We propel only live links in our report, since we are charging specifically for live ads.

As the technology is growing rapidly, we also tend to update our knowledge and implementation strategies in the possible effective way. Due to this, we have maintained the consistency in our ad posting services in spite of the filtration made by the freelancing platforms. Ultimately, we have the best team to offer high quality and optimum ad posting services.

Price & Packages

Firstly, we proclaim that the prices of our ad posts are extremely affordable and satisfying. We have listed the details about the prices in specific to the ad postings below in the form of a table. Please look at the package and choose the best suitable one. You can also make a comparative analysis considering other companies and decide the best prices available in the market.

You will identify the fact that the ad postings are available at the possible low prices and are live ads only. The prices mentioned below in the table are estimated with monthly package for Housing and Sales categories. You can also plan the best package instead of individual posts and contact us immediately to speed up your business growth. The most prominent fact is, you will evidently notice the increase in the number of calls you receive after contacting us. Also, you will be given the local contact numbers to reach our services in an efficient way.

Packages Housing Section Sale Section Service Section
Trial $20 (10 ads only) $20 (10 ads only) $20(10 ads only)
Pack10 $150 /month

(250 ads = 10 ads daily x 25 days)

$225 /month

(250 ads = 10 ads daily x 25 days)

$250 /month

(250 ads = 10 ads daily x 25 days)

Pack25 $250 /month

(625 ads = 25 ads daily x 25 days)

$325 /month

(625 ads = 25 ads daily x 25 days)

$375 /month

(625 ads = 25 ads daily x 25 days)

Pack50 $350 /month

(1250 ads = 50 ads daily x 25 days)

$500 /month

(1250 ads = 50 ads daily x 25 days)

$600 /month

(1250 ads = 50 ads daily x 25 days)

Pack100 $450 /month

(2500 ads = 100 ads daily x 25 days)

$850 /month

(2500 ads = 100 ads daily x 25 days)

$1000 /month

(2500 ads = 100 ads daily x 25 days)

Pack300 $750 /month

(7500 ads = 300 ads daily x 25 days)

$2000 /month

(7500 ads = 300 ads daily x 25 days)

$2200 /month

(7500 ads = 300 ads daily x 25 days)

Custom Custom Package? Contact Us

We recommend at one month of campaign period in order to cover our investment cost. Since the market is uncertain, the cost it appears for today might not be same as that of the next day. These variations can happen due to various reasons such as Craigslist platform filtration, supply or demands, and much more. The mode of payment is highly flexible such as:

  • 1. Credit Card
  • 2. PayPal
  • 3. Perfect Money
  • 4. Bitcoins

However, we kindly expect the payment to be completed before the ad posting commences. We start posting the ads after 24 to 36 hours of payment confirmation. We feel this is the minimum time period to be considered for a perfect analysis of your accounts and strategy planning. Finally, we submit the regular reports about the number of live ad posts.

AD Posting Services

We offer the wide varieties of craigslist ad posting services to fulfill all your business promotion and marketing needs. We employ the latest tools and software to implement our posting services in the best possible manner. Our quality services ensure the 100% guaranteed live ads.

Our optimum services ensure your online presence and promote your products and services to the maximum extent. Do not worry if your ads are getting flagged in spite of the number of repeated trials. Our craigslist ad posts are the most beneficiary options available for you to gain 100% online visibility.

We shall race your competitors by improving the ROI with the help of our superior strategies. The day when our clients succeed in their business is the day we celebrate our victory. Before seeking our services, you will be asked to give the following details:

  • You must provide the complete content for the advertisement.
  • Select the localities and cities in which you want your ads to be posted.
  • Choose the number of ads you require to be posted on the craigslist.

This information is more than enough for our expert team to plan the strategies for posting ads. You can verify your ad posting plans with the reports we periodically send. However, get to know more details about our services from the below list:

  • Graphic or Text Ads
  • We design the ads either graphically or text based depending on our client’s requirements. The ads are composed of a combination of both the design styles. This ensures the highest number of positive responses for the ad posts.
  • Local Posting
  • We enable your ad posts to be limited to any particular city or locality.
  • Section or Category
  • Depending on the package you choose, we post your ads in the separate individual category of a number of categories.
  • Campaigns Planning
  • Ultimately, it is left to you whether to choose monthly or weekly campaign plan according to your business type.
  • Reports
  • Additionally, we send periodic ad posting reports to all our clients. Since we are charging only for live ads, the reports contain the links of your live ad posts.
  • Attractive Discounts
  • We keep offering attractive discounts year long and motivate the business growth all over the world.


  • Can you post the ads in multiple cities? and sections?
  • YES. We can post single city and nationwide. Also we cover all the sections in the Housing and Sales.
  • Do I want to create my ads and titles?
  • We need some unique titles and description to test your campaign and we will create additional unique titles and descriptions with your approval.
  • Should I pay for Phone Verified Accounts?
  • Absolutely NO. We will use our own Phone Verified Accounts (PVA) and this saves your money.
  • Should I provide for IP Solution?
  • YES. We need your support on this. We request you to provide the computer remote access to post your ads. This is why, our charge is very low. We handle it with care and secure.
  • How to verify my LIVE ads?
  • End of every day, we will send you the LIVE ads report and where you can see your live ads.
  • How long will my ad campaign run?
  • You should run at least one month and please contact if you want to run less that.
  • How many ads can be posted daily?
  • We can post maximum of 3000 ads per client per day and minimum of 10 ads per client per day.
  • Once I paid, how long it will take you to start?
  • Your ads will be processed in 24-48 hours of your order successfully paid.
  • How many days a week you are working?
  • Normally 6 days a week but can work on Sundays based on client requirement.
  • What does “FLAGGING” mean?
  • Sometime, your ad will be removed from the live page in after a period of time. It is usually by competitor reporting your ads are spam. We cannot control 3rd parties flagging the ads. We are not charging if ads removed in 2 hrs from LIVE page.
  • What is your payment mode?
  • We accept most of the online platforms like PAYPAL, Credit Cards, PerfectMoney and Bitcoins.
  • Do I want to pay advance?
  • YES. You should pay 100% before the posting start. Here you don’t need to worry about the payment. It is 100% SAFE and SECURE. We will refund fully if you’re not satisfied.
  • Will you post on Holidays?
  • YES. We are working on all 365 days.


    1. How Agents Get Real Estate Leads on Craigslist

    Let’s take a look at how agents generate leads on Craigslist despite many changes. They follow a simple system for formatting and posting ads. To learn this system entirely, we will have to examine effective post formatting and abiding Craigslist’s terms of use, ad content, and posting frequency.

    Craigslist Post Formatting

    To generate real estate leads on Craigslist, agents routinely post ads marketing their listings for sale. Agents these days, don’t provide hyperlinks to drive traffic to their website, they instruct their users to text. For example, “For more information about this home please text (xxx)xxx-xxxx.” Once a prospective client texts the agent responds by texting back: “Please message me your email address so that I could forward you the detailed property description with photos.” Now the agent would be able to properly follow-up with the client’s mobile number and email address.

    Craigslist Ad Content

    Agents who develop real estate leads on Craigslist knows that an ad’s headline is crucial for gaining interest. Craigslist contains too many headlines that boasts of the property specifics like “address – number of bedrooms, bath and prices” that may not match the particular criteria that individual users are looking for in a home. Visitor’s attention could be gained by including location-specific content like “Meadowbrook Home for Sale”. The body of the post should contain some attractive photos of the home that makes people want to see more. Some of the basic property information should be provided to the visitors like the agent’s name, the call to action mentioned above inviting users to text for more details. Do not include a home’s price in the ad so that users are more likely to inquire for more information.

    Posting Frequency

    The visibility of Craigslist ads vary depending on the geographic location you post your ads. In large metropolitan cities ads may only be visible for 5 days, while in smaller towns they may show up for 50 days. The agents must should repost or renew their ads regularly to keep the ads visible. Although reposting ads can be time consuming, it can be done with unlimited frequency and the freedom to alter headline content. Don’t forget that generating real estate leads on Craigslist is purely a numbers game, frequent posts generate more leads. Craigslist allows agents to renew their ads 48 hours after the original post for up to 30 days. This method is often preferable since it can be accomplished with ease from a mobile phone. This system has proved to generate real estate leads on Craigslist, but only few leads amount to commission income without an effective lead follow-up system in place. It is essential that agents maintain a lead database management system to contact the prospective clients by telephone, mail and email over time.

    2. Top 5 Tips To Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist

    Avoid Terrible Times of Day

    Best time to post your ads on Craigslist is when your BEST client visits Craigslist. That’s when you should be posting. In fact, post 15 minutes before that and you’ll be right under their finger tips. Research shows that Craigslist is most visited in the mornings between 8:30am and 9am. This is just before work. A. Traffic then dies off before picking up again for lunch. B. Nighttime traffic is a little less predictable and changes with the seasons. I’ve seen the best results during the daytime.

    DON’T Be A Bore

    Craigslist is noisier than a Wedding Party. You have to stand out in order to be seen at all. You would come across tons of success writing ads that resonate with people’s feelings. Ask yourself: What do these people really want? Once you know the answer to that question, give them that. Grab their attention by striking their heart.

    Calls To Action

    Want a tip? Write 10 calls to action on a sheet of paper before writing any other part of the ad. Figure out exactly what you want the people who will see your post to do.
    Figure that out before you write anything else.
    Here are some examples:
    • Want to know the price of this stunning property? Text us at: [phone number]
    • Are you excited to see more? Email us through the contact button for more amazing images
    You can’t assume people will know what to do next. People want you to tell them exactly the next step to take in the process. Adding calls to action will help you get real estate leads from Craigslist.

    No lead capture trap

    How many of your website visitors turn into leads? My guess would be 1-5%. If you are sending these inquires to your regular website, you are wasting opportunity. Unbranded websites or single property squeeze pages convert visitors 15-35%. This means you get more value for your time and money.

    Not Putting It On The Calendar

    If you actually want to get real estate leads from Craigslist, follow this simple rule. Note the dates of posting and re-posting on your calendar. Then follow through with them.

    You’ll see much better results from this method.

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